Nov 19, 2014

In Minnesota, it’s beginning to look a lot like January.  Our fall lasted all of 2 weeks and went straight into the deep freeze of hell.  I am a big fan of winter, but sub-zero windchills can suck it.  My once cheery soul was now a frozen abyss of ice and crankiness.  Even though it feels like mid-winter, Thanksgiving is coming up and I needed to make a lil’ something to cheer up the household.


My first thought was GLITTER.  Then I thought of the mess that comes with GLITTER and I was frightened.  Then I found the GLITTER and was drawn to it’s sparkly goodness.  I had a small stockpile of Martha Stewart glitter in fall colors so this project definitely felt like fate.  Browns, golds, oranges and reds.  YES.  This will warm my soul!

makingitwithstephany_001 makingitwithstephany_003

Thanksgiving Glitter Garland was born.  I had 2 packages of fabric leaves that I picked up on clearance during the Halloween sale at Michael’s a couple of weeks ago and I had glitter.  I grabbed my hole punch and punched a single hole in each leaf.  Then I painted quick dry glue on the fabric leaves and doused them with glitter.  I used a cheap, junky paint brush that I could throw away after using it to paint on the glue.  **Full supply list is at the bottom of this post**makingitwithstephany_005      makingitwithstephany_006I tried to contain the glitter by working on paper plates.  That way, I could re-use the spilled glitter by making a little tube and dumping the unused glitter back in the jar.  I could also keep colors separate and let some leaves dry while I worked on others.  After some leaves where half dry, I moved them to a large piece of paper to finish drying away from my work area and I could keep pumping out the glitter leaves.  Once they were completely dry, I knocked off all of the loose and excess glitter on the large paper so it didn’t end up in my carpet.  (It did)  I ended up making 14 glittered leaves.


After all the leaves were totally dry, it was time to start hanging them.  I had planned on using some brown paper twine, but it was too stiff.  I wanted the leaves to hang more like a bunting and that stiff twine wasn’t giving the garland any movement.  So, digging into the many bins of crafty shit I have, I found brown and white baker’s twine which was way more flexible and exactly what I was looking for.  I cut different lengths of twine and pulled it through the hole of each leaf.  Then I cut a length of twine about 2.5 yards long and tied the individual leaves to it.  makingitwithstephany_007After every leaf was attached, I taped the garland to the wall and adjusted the leaf placement and color pattern.  I wanted to spread out the colors and not have it look too clumpy.  Once I had every leaf in place, the garland was as good as done.  Clean up was still a PITA, but it could have been worse.  My office is still sprinkled in fall colored glitter, but I am chalking that up as a decor win.



It’s going in my dining room to be sprayed with turkey juices when family comes over to chow down.


To make Thanksgiving Glitter Garland you will need:

fabric leaves

glitter in whatever colors you choose (I used Martha Stewart glitter and some regular glitter)

fast drying craft glue (I used Aleene’s Turbo Tacky Glue)

cheap paint brush

ribbon or twine (at least 4 yards)

paper plates


paper hole punch

Entire project takes about 1 hour of time to complete, drying times may vary.