Stephany has been making for years.

If she can’t find it, she makes it.  If she has found it and it’s crap, she makes her own improved version.

She isn’t great at 1 thing, but she is pretty damn good at a lot of different things.

She has been a 911 dispatcher, a professional photographer, a phone operator, a self taught seamstress, a head cook at an Italian restaurant and one helluva Halloween costume maker.

She is amazing at tricking children into eating vegetables and taking naps.  She can also host the shit out of a YouTube video.

She has dabbled in millinery and veil making, is a decent baker but a better cook.

She is a mom, an accomplished runner (ok, 1 marathon and some 1/2 marathons) and a seasoned garage sale/thrift shopper.

She knows her way around a table saw and nail gun.

She is OK at basic graphic and web design, crochet, and professionalism.

She is terrible at math, knitting and snowboarding.

Sometimes, she is funny.


She has been featured monthly on Twin Cities Live.  She was MC for the 2014 & 2015 summer festival, Stillwater Log Jam.  She has been featured on WCCO 4 News, the Star Tribune, the COVER!! of St. Croix Valley Magazine and the Stillwater Current.  She made the Top 5 in Jamie Oliver’s International Search for a Cocktail Star.  Oh, and let’s not forget the Emmy nominations.  She was nominated for Best Program Host for 2015 and in 2014, she received Emmy nominations in the Lifestyle Program and Host (again!) categories for her videos just a few short months into creating “Making it with Stephany”  If you are interested in working with Stephany, please contact her today!

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