Oct 08, 2015


My boys are OBSESSED with Halloween, thanks to my diligent guidance and mild obsession as well.  They have been planning Halloween costumes since June and begging me to bring out the spooky decorations as soon as school started.


And the drawings, oh, the drawings.  They have taped adorably creepy pictures of zombies, evil pumpkins, and witches all over my walls.  They write “HALLOWEEN!!!!!!!!!!” at the top of every creation.  They are excited, and I couldn’t be happier.


The little guy loves all things art, so I made sure we had a special Halloween project that was easy enough for a 4 year old that we could work on together.  At the craft store, I picked up ghost foam shapes, pumpkin foam shapes, googly eyes, glitter glues, bloodshot eyeballs, ribbon, felt sheets, and pompoms.  Once I had collected all of the supplies, that was went I decided on a simple Halloween bunting.  He would do the decorating, I would do the bunting creation.  There was little mess to this project and it kept him interested until all of the foam shapes were decorated, double win for me!!


I peeled of backings of eyeballs and got the glitter glue flowing and he expertly decorated pumpkins and ghosts, the way 4 year olds do…sweetly and with gusto.  While he was making 3 eyed ghosts, I was decorating my own little collection of ghosties and pumpkins with sparkly polka dots and stripes.




Once all of the glue had dried, it was hole punchin’ time.  I punched a hole on each side of each foam creation with a standard paper punch.


Then it was time to cut about 6 inch length of ribbon and get to tying each piece of foam together.  I did it 2 different ways, one way was to just tie knots at the end of each ribbon on the backside of each foam craft.


The second way I attached the ribbon was I glued loops of ribbon together to make a ribbon “chain”.

FullSizeRender[4]Once everything was chained and knotted, the bunting was done.


I hung everything on the wall and surprised my darling boy with the finished project.  He was so jazzed to see his hard work as a fun Halloween craft.  Then he HAD to pose in front of his hard work as Darth Vader, because HALLOWEEN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!