Aug 10, 2015

Above is a fun little promo video I made for my Instagram feed.  15 seconds of funk!


The alphabet is everywhere.  You can’t escape them.  While I really liked the old school, vintage, light up letters, I didn’t like the price tag attached.  So here is a easy and affordable option for making some letters with some sparkle.



I found these particular letters at Target recently.  Have you seen their crafty section??  It’s got some pretty sweet stuff in there!  (These letters were in the clearance section, so hurry up and claim your faves.)


They are a kind of paper mache and have a thin cork layer on the front.  I also found a tin of multi-colored and multi-sized sequins in the same crafty section at Target and knew I needed to mix these 2 items together.


Instead of glue, which seemed messy at the time, I went the pin route, meaning I individually pinned each sequin to the letters so they could wiggle and sparkle.  I didn’t use regular old stick pins, but sequin pins that I found at Michael’s.  Pick up a thimble while you’re there, you’re gonna need it once you start pinning.

I also came across a slightly smaller but similar style of letter at Michael’s, so if Target is out, you have a back up.


The sequin pins are shorter than regular stick pins, so be careful, they are easy to lose.  I just started laying out the big sequins first and pinned those in, followed by the smaller sizes, filling in holes as I went.  Sometimes I over lapped sequins and I left some cork show through, for a little more dimension.  For all 6 letters, I ended up using 1 full jar of sequins (400 count), followed by another 100 from a new tin.  I pinned at an upwards angle to prevent sequins from slipping off of the pins.  You could use glue, but I would only use a small amount to prevent oozing.



I have wanted something in my office to say “Make Me” for a while now, and now, I have the sparkliest, most colorful letters to keep me inspired.