Jul 22, 2015

It’s Wednesday, which means you need to start thinking about what cocktails you will be drinking on Friday.


I have been mildly obsessed with La Croix the past few weeks.  Bubbles, like pop, but no sugar.  WHAT.  I love the Coconut and the Lemon flavors.  And in my experimenting, I found the Lime is an awesome addition to my Peach Mojito.   That got me wondering, what other yummy La Croix flavors can make awesome low-calorie cocktails??  Time to get mixing.


I went straight for the new “Curate” line of 2 flavored beverage and focused on the Cerise Limon, aka Cherry Lime.  So delicious straight outta the can!  YUM!  And as always, I stress the use of fresh fruit whenever possible.  Fresh cherries would be AWESOME in this cocktail, but I couldn’t find any at the time.  And yes, fresh limes need to be in this drink too.  Really makes the flavors pop!


I love La Croix because it is flavorful and bubbly without the extra sugar.  And I hate super sweet drinks.  Or juices.  Or frosting.  Too much sugar is gross.  Blahhhhhh.


Then, after a little mixology, I came up with the refreshing, not overly sweet, Cherry Lime Sparkle.  Want to have one on the deck tonight?  Here is the recipe:


Cherry Lime Sparkle

(makes 2 cocktails)

1- 12 oz can Cerise Limon La Croix

maraschino cherries, plus juice  (if fresh cherries are in season, USE THOSE INSTEAD!)

1 fresh lime

4 oz of Cointreau



Get 2 lowball glasses, fill with ice.  Then add 2 oz of Cointreau to each glass.  Cut your lime in half and squeeze the juice of a half of lime into each glass.   Add 3 teaspoons of cherry juice and 2-3 cherries to the glasses.  Then grab the can of Cerise Limon La Croix and top off the glasses (about 6 oz each).  Enjoy immediately.


Happy almost-end-of July!