Jul 20, 2015

Emceeing is the weirdest thing.


First of all, it’s scary as hell.  People stare at you.  It’s either because they are listening to what you say or, it’s because they want you to SHUT. UP. so the next band can play.

Secondly, It’s just you, talking to a lot of people who can’t/won’t/aren’t interested in talking back.  It’s similar to talking to yourself in the mirror.  But way more awkward.


This past weekend I emceed Stillwater Log Jam for the 2nd year in a row.  The first year, I was absolutely terrified.  And it showed.  I was only a few months into Making It With Stephany, I had no experience and no idea what to expect.  Friends told me I “did a great job”, because I was horrible and they were trying to be supportive.  (I have very nice friends.)  I used it as a learning experience and never planned on talking into a microphone to a large group of people again.


This year was a complete 360.  I was so happy to be asked back and had so much great stuff happen to me in the past year (TCL, TV interviews, newspaper interviews, etc.) that I was only a teensy bit scared.  I was even feeling a little bit confident, which is totally not like me at all.  Plus, I was friends with many of the bands that were returning to the Log Jam stage like Choo Choo Bob, Ruben and Thrift Store Sonata, and excited to meet new bands like Malamanya, Frankie Lee, Black Market Brass and Charlie Parr.  4 on the Floor was there to rile up the crowd and get everyone rowdy on Saturday night, which was fun to see, complete with beach balls, sombreros and an intense, “sober” shirtless dude with the world’s best mullet who licked his fingers while he danced in the crowd.






Also, the stage was able to be set up right on the river this year, which was a great view, provided a nice breeze and had a mini city of boats as neighbors for the weekend.  (Last year, the St. Croix River was so high, that the stage wasn’t able to be near the river so the bands wouldn’t fall in. and float away.)  Everything was lined up to be perfect.  And it was.



I really want to thank Paul, one of the creators of Stillwater Log Jam for asking me to be a part of the festivities again.  I had so much fun seeing old friends and meeting new ones.  I loved seeing the city full of residents, tourist, families and dogs.  (OMG I met the sweetest Irish Wolfhound!)  A big thank you to  “The Locals”,  Brad and Lift Bridge Brewery for the Getaway and Smalley of Smalley’s Caribbean BBQ for the ass kicking pork tacos.