Apr 03, 2014


My new favorite DIY staple is currently tape.  Washi tape seems obvious, and I am down with the washi, but what about some less thought of tape, like electrical tape?  Its not permanent, stretchy for covering those odd shaped items and comes in solid, bright colors.  There is some fairly messy glitter tape out, as well as some new fabric tape and printed and solid masking tapes.  It’s a wonderland of non-permanent tapes out there, people!  All you need is the tape of your choice, something like an old vase or jar to decorate, and scissors.  You can jazz up some glassware in 10 minutes.  Piece. Of. Cake.

Watch my video below of me playing with some different tapes.





Now run to the hardware store for some electrical tape goodness!

tapevases1tape vases2