Jul 01, 2015



Peachy Pina Colada is another of my craft cocktail creations that I came up with last year for Jamie Oliver‘s Search for a Cocktail Star.  Remember when I lost?  Me too.  Ouch.  But this drink was my final entry in the contest, and even though I lost (loser), this drink is still mighty fine and so damn good.  Here is the recipe:


Peachy Pina Colada

6 oz pineapple coconut juice, found at my local grocery store or here

1 cup pineapple sherbet, I have also substituted strawberry sherbet when pineapple is unavailable

1/4 cup fresh peach

1 cup fresh pineapple

5-6 ice cubes

3 oz dark rum


Put all ingredients in blender and mix until smooth and creamy.  Pour in a glass and enjoy immediately on your deck in the summer.  And you can use frozen fruit if your in a pinch, but honestly, the fresh fruit really makes this drink pop.


And if you want to see me compare a peach to an ass and sing some Beastie Boys while I make a Peachy Pina Colada, watch the video below: