Jun 30, 2015

Last weekend, I made a killer s’mores with grilled peaches, Nutella, a drizzle of honey and almost fainted from the fresh, chocolately loveliness.

IMG_4624I just sliced up a fresh peach, threw it on the grill that was almost died out from grilling dinner.  I spread Nutella on, added peach and my favorite blackened marshmallows, a small drizzle of honey and it was done.  YUMYUMYUMYUM.



Today, I made 2 really delicious variations that were tasted and tested by my boys using these 3 spreads on the s’mores.  IMG_4671I started with a sweet and salty Chocolate Peanut Butter Pretzel S’more.  It was fantastic.  You will need chocolate grahams, which weren’t the easiest to track down, but I eventually found at Target.  I spread the top half of the graham with Nutella, the other half with peanut butter.  I stuck a few pretzels into the peanut butter then roasted my marshmallow.  Once it was nice and cooked (black and burnt) I stacked it all together.  A really nice mix of sweet from the chocolate grahams, marshmallow and Nutella, and a little salty with the peanut butter and pretzel.



Then I put together a Cookie Butter Banana S’more, which was really different, but in a good way.


By the way, have you tried Biscoff European Cookie Spread??!  I mean, it’s European, which means it’s fancy.  It makes me feel like I am going on vacation…not because it tastes exotic, but because it’s made from those snacky little cookies that they hand out on flights.  You know the ones…yes, THOSE bad boys.  Well, them crush them up into a peanut butter consistency and add extra cookie flavor.  Tasty.


I used the cookie butter in place of the chocolate/Nutella, grilled a banana in a pan on the stove (which smells great on it’s own), roasted my marshmallow and stacked and smashed it into my mouth.  The cookie butter got melty from the warm marshmallow and banana and made for a sweet little mess.  Dudes, I tell you, cookie butter is made from unicorns and rainbows, which translates into yumminess.


Verdict from the boys is the Cookie Butter was the winner.  My opinion was the Chocolate Peanut Butter Pretzel was superior.  They both were winners at my house.

Make your summer extra tasty by experimenting with new S’mores like these!