Jun 23, 2015

Holy crap.  These are SOOOO good.


I have been putting random fruit on my s’mores lately, and loving it.  Grilled bananas? YES.  I love every part of the s’more, except the chocolate.  I am not a fan of the junk in the brown wrappers, tastes like wax to me.  I was thinking of ways around the wax and “Nutella” popped into my head because who doesn’t love Nutella??  EVERYONE does!  So add in the almost too ripe strawberries in my fridge, and these tasty little numbers were born.  I browned the marshmallows on the stovetop, because there was no time to prep a grill!

Slice up some strawberries, throw a double coat of Nutella on your graham crackers and cook up the marshmallows.  Messy?  Yes, but worth it.

Make these immediately!  They are a perfect summer/winter/fall/lunch/dinner/breakfast treat!



(I ate both of these…)