May 13, 2015



Flower crowns.  So much fun to wear.  But these aren’t your grandma’s flower crown, these are huge, badass, and GLAM flower crowns!!


What’s great about these crowns is that they are simple.  No glue required.  Just floral tape, floral wire and giant colorful fake flowers.  You can get as creative and wild as you like.  I start with the biggest, prettiest flower and build around it with more flowers, constantly monitoring the progress to fill in holes and making sure the overall look is what I like.  Reinforcing the stems with extra floral tape is always a good idea, to prevent any flowers from getting loose and falling out.


Floral tape is awesome because you don’t have to wait for it to dry and if you need to change your design, it’s totally removable and non-permanent.  When you first start taking the tape off of the roll, you will find that it is not sticky.  You need to give it a little stretch while you start adhering it to your design to get the stickiness activated.  Then just pull and push down to get it to stick to itself.  So easy!


You can pull one of these guys together in about an hour. And since there is no glue, you can just make and wear!  So make yourself a big, bold crown and show me what you come up with!


Check my Instagram and you can see a pic of my dog wearing one of my creations.  Dogs in flowers crowns are the new internet sensation!  (Not really, but they should be!)