Mar 29, 2015


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This weekend marks my 1st year of Making it with Stephany.  365 days of writing, photographing, creating and of course, your favorite and mine, video making!


Yes, it’s obvious that I am not the best writer.  I’m not the best video editor, or video host.  I’m learning, and trying hard every time to make improvements.  I don’t have a million followers, or want a million followers.  I just want to make shit, have a good time doing it and maybe inspire some people to try something new, make instead of buy, or just be yourself in a world full of sheep-le.  Cut all of your hair off, say what you feel, and don’t give a damn what “everyone else is doing”.  Be weird and silly, MIWS-style.  There is enough cookie-cutter nonsense everywhere you look.  That is what I wanted Making it with Stephany to be, a goofy and cheeky breath of fresh air in a YouTube world of crappy, boring YouTube videos.  They aren’t perfect but at least they’re different!


It’s been a weirdly difficult, but fun and new year.  What makes this project difficult is first and foremost, putting myself out there in such a visual way.  Have you ever made a video of yourself?  I hadn’t before MIWS was created.  After the first video was shot and edited, pushing that “publish” button was the hardest thing to do for 2 reasons.  #1, what if no one watched?  #2, what if someone did?  It’s hard to do….making yourself vulnerable to whoever watches those little videos.  I want them to be entertaining and full of useable information, and when I am the only one working on content, there can be a lot of pressure to make sure the content doesn’t suck.  Then, you throw my regular job into the mix, with a dash of 2 little boys and damn!, it’s a miracle I get any work out!  In my next year of “making”, I want to make more videos, recipes, and blog posts on a more regular basis.  Fingers crossed.


But as difficult as the past year has been, it has brought along so many new opportunities that I never would have had access to if I didn’t put my self out there.  The Emmy’s, the Jamie Oliver cocktail contest, hosting Stillwater Log Jam, contributing to a book, random newspaper and magazine articles, and my stints on Twin Cities Live.  If I didn’t take a big step out of my comfort zone, I’d never have had these new experiences.


I have a slew of new things on the horizon, some writing, more videos and working on some awesome non-MIWS projects that could really open up more doors.  I have learned that if I put in the work, and just be myself, great things could happen.  New things.  Crazy, weird things.  I like crazy, weird things.


I really appreciate all of the support from anyone and everyone who has made one of my recipes, watched one of my videos and shared any of my links.  Really, really, really.  I send you a million smooches and high fives.


So, Happy Anniversary, MIWS viewers!  Thanks for hanging with me that last 52 weeks!  I hope you have enjoyed it as much as I have!  To another year!  Cin-Cin!!