Mar 16, 2015


From working in the wedding industry for almost 10 years, I have a lot of friends who have a lot of unique and awesome skills.  Tami Cabrera is one of those friends.  She is the owner and head baker at Muddy Paws Cheesecake, in St. Louis Park.  Plus, she is honestly one of the nicest, most wonderful people you will meet.


If you have been lucky enough to have been a guest at one of Tami’s 400 cheesecake-filled weddings a year, you have eaten Muddy Paws Chicago-style artisan cheesecake.  She has 222 flavors on the menu at all times and has over 600 flavors in her arsenal.  All sorts of candy, alcohol, fruit, coffee, cookies (and more) tops, swirls and melds with the creamy goodness of her cheesecakes.  Top flavors include Raspberry Swirl, Key Lime, Chocolate, and New York make the list.  My personal favorite is Bailey’s Irish Cream.  Because, DUH.  She can sell by the slice or entire cheesecakes and she offers a cheesecake sampler pack if you want to try some of the 600+ flavors.


She offers so many options, and sells and donates to so many places in the Twin Cities, it would be hard to believe if you have never tried her craft.  In addition to the weddings and events she books year round, she sells to restaurants, hosts charity events, does fundraising for schools and ships nation wide.  She offers gluten-free, vegan and sugar-free options.  Think you have a unique idea for a flavor??  She does custom cheesecakes too.


I spent a few hours with her in the bakery recently and shot this fun and informative video where Tami shows me how to make a successful cheesecake.  But, Recipe Thief’s beware.  She doesn’t give away any trade secrets on how exactly she makes her delicious cakes…just guidelines on how to make an ass kicking cheesecake.  She did pass on 2 cheesecake recipes that she thinks are pretty swell and that you should try out.  Or, just call, email or Tweet her your order!


Here is how to get ahold of Tami and her tasty treats:

Muddy Paws Cheesecake Website

Muddy Paws on Facebook

Muddy Paws on Twitter

Or just call her immediately with your order at (763) 545-7161


Or, if you want a go at making your own cheesecake, here are 2 recipes that Tami recommends.


Philadelphia Classic Cheesecake Recipe

New York Cheesecake Recipe from