Feb 18, 2015

The Super Pooper Cake.  It’s a thing.


When my boys were in the midst of potty training I promised them cake if they didn’t poop in their diaper for 3 days.  I figured if they could resist the urge for 3 days, we were done buying diapers and they deserved cake!


The best thing about this cake is: YOU CAN USE ANY CAKE!  You can buy a cake, have a bakery make one for you, or bake your own damn cake because you are a MAKER!


In the video, I used a box cake for the ease (shut up), and made a buttercream frosting that I split into 2 bowls.  #1 for frosting the entire cake and @2 for the frosting bag to do the lettering.  I use the same phrase “Blank is a SUPER POOPER”  Obviously fill in your own kid’s name where it says “blank”.  Obviously.


Then get yourself some poopy looking chocolate bars, I use the Take 5 bars because they are poopy and tasty!  But feel free to get whatever candy you want to eat.


Be creative.  Make a big deal about it.  Put some candles on and sing Happy Birthday.  You need to let your little darling know how jazzed you are that diapers are now a thing of the past!  Get excited because this is a BIG DEAL!!!!