Feb 10, 2015

I’m not sure if it’s obvious or not, but I hate over-produced, commercial anything, but nothing says “I put absolutely no thought into this” than box of generic store bought Valentine’s.  Barf.


My darling kiddo needed to bring a classroom amount of Valentine’s in for the impending holiday so I whipped up a little sweatshop in the dining room and we got cutting, pasting and assembling.  The 3 year old wanted to get involved but only had enough attention span to make 1 card, which he kept for him self, the little bugger.


This year we did an owl theme with the nice and friendly “You’re a Hoot, Valentine”, which was not too gooey with love, or boring and dull.


I got all of the steps ready for the assembly line so the kid could put all of the pieces together.  The card was a 6×6 inch sheet of paper and everything was going to be attached to that, along with an owl pencil that I found in the dollar bins at Target, which I thought would tie the “owl theme” all together.  I had found a book of cool papers that were double sided and had a great variety of prints.  I cut beaks and wings out of paper scraps and used the always classy: googly eyes.  I found some sparkly gold bakers twine in the dollar bin also that would tie the pencils to the cards.


I came up with a stencil for the owl shape, and cut out 18 owls on the funky Valentine paper.  Then, the kiddo attached the googly eyes, a beak and wings to the owl, who was glued to the 6×6 card.


I had some blank bookmarks that I had found at the craft store, which I cut in half.  That is where the text was going to go and was glued to the upper left corner of the card.  I let the 7 year old do all of the writing and he added each classmates name and the Valentine message.  I also had a stockpile of glittery foam hearts from last year which we used to add a little sparkle to the card, underneath the text.  Then I used a hole punch in the upper right corner and tied the owl pencils with the bakers twine.


This is the perfect project to do with a kid, my main job was to cut the owls and tie the pencils on while the kid can take care of the rest.  Creativity is your friend while making this project so you can use the owl as the basic idea or let this inspire you to come up with a totally unique idea!

IMG_1813The sweatshop shut down after we had made the 18 cards.  Don’ you love how each card is different?  It’s a fun and quick little project that you can do with the little cupids in your life.