Jan 06, 2015

If you are on Pinterest, you have seen a lot of post about decorating your own mug.  It seemed like a fun and quick little project.  Plus, you feel like a real artist when its all done.  I mean, you just designed a unique drinking vessel.  That’s art, YO.


I like the concept, I have made a few as gifts and I had my oldest decorate a mug for his teacher last year.  If a 5 year old could do it, than anyone can.  The trick is finding the right kind of markers.  Many pinners were talking about using the oil-based Sharpies…but I had a hell of a time finding them and when I did, they had a limited color selection, unless you look online, but then you need to buy them in prepackaged groupings, which seemed annoying if you were looking for only specific colors.


This review is based on DecoArt’s glass paint markers, which are available at most craft stores and online.  They are sold individually so you can pick and choose what colors you want, they also have some metallic colors if you need some heavy metal.


If you are a decent free-hand artist, these are pretty easy to use.  I do wish they had either a double tipped marker with a fine tip option.  The tip can be a little thick and getting fine lines is not the easiest.  But otherwise, the colors are good, hold up well over time and the entire process is easy to do.  Super kid-friendly!


All you need to do is clean your glass with glass cleaner, otherwise the paint doesn’t stick well and bleeds a bit.  You do have a window of time to erase your mistake before it dries.  If you are using multiple colors, it’s best to let the 1st color dry before adding the second color over/next to.


Use tape to make straight lines.  Or get crazy with your bad self and go without a guide.


You need to let the finished art set on the glass for 8 hours.  After that time, get your oven set for 375 degrees and bake for 40 minutes.  Then, allow your project to cool with the oven door open.  And BOOM! the marker becomes dishwasher safe!


One of my mugs (the orange chevron one) I made last winter and the ink has held up really well.  If the ink gets thick, it has the potential to scratch off, but otherwise, it is permanent.  You can use these markers on glass, tile, and glazed ceramic.


These are the super hero themed cocoa mugs I made for my boys this Christmas.


And a unicorn.  Because unicorns kick ass.

As for the speckled mug, that was a mistake that actually turned out cool.  Yay for unfortunate accidents!

Untitled-1Overall, I really like these markers and like that it’s a simple project that you can really get creative with.  Thumbs up, DecoArt.


Find yourself some paint markers and get crafty!

Be ironic and make a hipster mug.  Or grab those crazy kids of yours and now you have a fun weekend project to keep them busy for a bit!  Share your finished arty creation photos on my Facebook page or on Instagram at @makingitwithstephany.


Now I am off to fill my mug with coffee!  (and Irish cream.  Shhhhhh.)