Jan 04, 2015


In case you missed it, here is the link to my 5 minutes of live and sassy cocktail making.


Can I just say that I am thrilled that the holidays are over?!?!!!!


It was lining up to be a great time, until both kids got strep, I started my Christmas shopping really, really late and was hosting the family festivities at my house (so much cleaning).  Barf.

Then Twin Cities Live contacted me to do a segment on Champagne Cocktail for the impending NYE!


I was excited for 10 seconds until I realized how much planning goes into one of those little 5 minute segments.  So much!


After I decided what I would include in my segment, I got excited again.  Then I was off to a million stores looking for just the right glassware, booze, supplies, outfit (this stressed me out the most), and stylings for the table whilst I poured cocktails on live TV.  I made bouquets, vases, found the perfect straws, all while having some taste test at home to perfect the recipes.  THAT was the best part…duh.


The day finally came and my lovely friend Sarah came to the studio to be my support.   I met the crew and the hosts and in what felt like immediately after meeting everyone, we were ready to shoot my segment.  Did I mention in was live?  I was nervous I would drop some intense curse words, but alas!  I surprised myself and my friends that I did not say anything rude or naughty.  Score.

IMG_1059I was obviously hilarious, here you see the hosts cracking up at my amazing sense of humor.  (Thanks Sarah for the the photos)