Dec 22, 2014

OK.  I have been the laziest maker this season.  I have been working SO MUCH lately, I have no left over time to get my projects out the door.


I bought a plain wooden nutcracker and Christmas tree a few weeks ago with high hopes of doing something really mind-blowing.  The weeks went by and here we are on December 22nd and I hadn’t executed my mind-blowing ideas.  Crap!


I had plenty of Mod Podge and glitter lying around, so I went with the old stand by of a glitter/Mod Podge combo and sparkled my little heart out.  Now, I have glue under my fingernails and glitter EVERYWHERE.  AGAIN.


Whoops!  But I feel like I accomplished something with my finds and once again, I waited until the last minute but was pleasantly surprised by the ease of it.


Here is a quick breakdown of what you need and how to do it.


Get some basic wooden figures at the craft store.  I also picked up some white spray paint/primer because I didn’t want the wood to show through at all.  Spray all angles and let dry, preferably overnight.

miwschristmasprojects_002Now it’s time to grab your Mod Podge, a junky paint brush, and glitter of your liking.  I used Martha Stewart gold tinsel glitter for the tree and purple sapphire fine glitter for the nutcracker.  Her glitter line is really nice and has a cool variety of glitter types.  Check it out.


I started at the top of each and painted the Mod Podge in a thin coat in stages.  There were a lot of nooks and crannies on the nutcracker and it was more time consuming than the tree.  Painting the glue on in stages is smart because if you paint on all of the glue at once, the spot where you started will dry before you even get to unleash that glitter.  I didn’t shoot any pics while I was painting on the glue and sprinkling glitter because I had a good old fashioned mess going on.  Here was a small sample of the glitter carnage…


After all of the glue had dried, I touched up the spots that were missed or the glitter was on too thin.  Then I let everything dry again and give your pieces a good couple of shakes to get that loose glitter off.


Once you are done glittering, get out that fantastic Mod Podge Hi-Gloss acrylic spray.  That is what keeps all of the glitter on and lets the sparkle shine through without dulling your hardwork.  Spray a light coat everywhere there is glitter and it will seal your project.

Here is my finished gold tree:


And here is my cool purple-silver nutcracker:

miwschristmasprojects_006Great last minute decor for your home, or for a gift!  And since I am the queen of last minute, I should know!  😉