Dec 10, 2014


This Christmas, I want to make SO MANY THINGS.


But with a business to run, kids to nurture, dogs to exercise, and a house to run–WHAT.  That reminds me, I could use a nap.


I love weird and unique ornaments, but the last few years, everything is so mass-produced it makes me want to barf.  Or if you come across a really great find–mucho dinero.  So, we come back full circle to the MIWS mantra, why buy it if you can make it?!?!  They are fairly easy, you just need to take a little time to ensure straight lines.  I made these in about 2 hours (with paint drying time).MIWSornaments_007


I picked up some basic paper mache ornaments.  You can order them online or go to your favorite crafty store and pick some up, they are stocked up this time of year.  I also bought some copper acrylic paint to add to my collection at home.  The color scheme in my head was going to be copper, white, black and the natural paper color.


Then came the design…what the hell was I going to do so it didn’t look like a toddler grabbed a brush and went to town??  I found my other collection of washi tape and started taping down lines.  My first thought was to use painters tape, but it was so thick it was going to be a hassle to trim down the tape strips.  Washi tape is removeable and comes in many widths, so problem solved.



Now the biggest issue you could run into here is the paint bleeding underneath the tape, so make sure your lines are straight and that the tape is pushed down tight so no paint can sneak underneath and ruin your awesome design.  I made crosses out of tape for one ornament, a mix of straight and diagonal lines on another, then some triangles and other geometric shapes followed by some polka dots made with the eraser end of a pencil.  I had to work in stages when using multiple colors on each ornament, letting one color dry so I could remove the tape and add a new tape design in a different color.  There really are no rules here.  Do whatever you want.  Get crazy.  Get simple.  Just make sure you make it you.



After all of the paint had dried, the tape removed and I was happy with my designs, I put the ornaments on a pole, took them outside and gave the entire surface area of each ornament a spray of Mod Podge Super Hi-Gloss Acrylic Sealer.  That way, the paint won’t chip off as easy and its a nice finishing spray to add a little sheen.


I let everything dry overnight and hot damn, these are some sharp looking ornaments.  I love that they are all related but different styles.  I love the colors and I really love the shine from the Mod Podge.


And now that my masterpieces are finished, I want to give them away to a lucky reader!  Will it be you?  You can keep them for yourself, or give them as a gift!  Who doesn’t want a little MIWS magic hanging on their tree (GROSS)?


All you have to do is comment on this post and you are entered. WOW.  So easy!  But if you are bored and want to follow me on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter, you can do that too…just to make sure you catch all of the MIWS magic (HA!).

The contest closes December 14th, 2014 at midnight and I will announce the winner Monday the 15th, 2014 on Facebook.  DO IT ALREADY!