Dec 07, 2014

During this time of year, you are busy.  You need to shop, bake, make and all with a smile.  You want to be crafty, but who has time?


I just came up with the World’s Easiest Holiday Bunting.  Yes.  As in, you can make this little guy in 5 minutes, world record time, my friends!  And it’s stylish and affordable too!


In my dining room, I have a cute little area above my buffet for hanging a little garland/bunting/swaggy thing.  I had my Thanksgiving Glitter Garland hanging there, but Turkey Day is over and I needed something to fit the season.  I have a million things going on in my life right now, I just didn’t have time for another messy project.  I went to the Michael’s (yes, again) and stumbled upon these big, bold, laser-cut felt place mats in a snowflake or pointsettia design.  I was drawn to the red to brighten up the dining room so I grabbed 5 pointsettia placemats and found a spool of red sparkly ribbon.  Now, you don’t have to go to Michael’s to find this exact style if you don’t like it.  Google “laser cut felt place mats” and you will see that they are pretty easy to find.  I like these from World Market.


What is nice about these place mats is they are really thick, so the chance of ripping through the felt is pretty slim.  And they are all cut identical so they look really nice laid out next to each other.  I thought about adding glitter, but remember, this is the WORLD’S EASIEST HOLIDAY BUNTING!  Glitter would only add to my list of crap I have to clean for the upcoming holiday so I axed the glitter.


So far, so good, right?

Then I just wrapped the ribbon through a pre-cut hole in the flower and left enough space before attaching the next place mat.

pointsettiabunting_004Wrap the ribbon through each flower.  And your done.  DONE, I TELL YOU.


This literally took me 5 minutes to do, maybe 6 if you count the time making sure the flowers were even.  Then I hung it over the buffet.  Then I cracked a beer for all of the hard work I had just done.  Just kidding, I cracked one for the hubby too.  Cuz I’m a bomb ass lady.  WINK.