Sep 24, 2014


I made the top 5 in Jamie Oliver’s giant, massive international cocktail contest.  Blows my mind.


My new video is for a Peachy Pina Colada…a twist on my least favorite drink ever, the Pina Colada.  I replace Cream of Coconut with a delicious coconut/pineapple juice and let me tell you, that is the right decision EVERY TIME.  Cream of Coconut is gross.  Pure yummy juice is fantastic.


Watch the video!



Now on to the vote!

You can vote only once per valid email address, which makes it a quick and easy to vote!  And once you vote, you are entered to win an iPad Mini!  Whoo!  Here is the link to Jamie’s voting page. 

As you can see, I am the lone American up against Australia, Greece, Bolivia, and Thailand. YIKES!


So a vote for me is a vote for Uncle Sam.  Support the USA and vote for Stephany!  Then make a Peachy Pina Colada and relax…you worked hard, you deserve a break.