Apr 07, 2018

You’re not supposed to judge a book by it’s cover, right?  Well, I did just that.  Except it was judging beer by it’s can.


I follow some really cool Instagram accounts and a lot of them are booze-related (shocking!).  I like put together accounts and the more visually appealing they are, the better.  That being said, there are some really sweet craft brews out there that have put a lot of thought into their cans.


Stillwater Artisanal is out of Baltimore and has some of the prettiest beer cans you will see.  Very modern and colorful.  Just click on their website and you will get an eyeful of color and their can design definitely follows suit.  As of this post, it is Saturday morning and I have a shoot in a few hours, so I am not going to pound some brews *because standards*, but I will update the taste portion as soon as I can.


I bought Castle Cream Ale a few months ago based on the can design alone.  Honestly, it reminded me of a seventies rollerskating party and I was under the impression based on the can alone it would taste like pop.  It didn’t.  What it did taste like was AMAZING BUBBLY BEER.  It is so good, it shot up to one of my ultimate favorites, and lucky for me, they make it in Minnesota so it is really easy to find.


I picked up a sixer of Elysian DayGlow because of the label. Tigers. Lasers.  A tiger shooting laser beams out of his eyes?  So much yes.  And imagine my surprise when I tasted it, SO GOOD.  It has a tiny citrus/pineapple flavor without being overdone and sweet.  Really delicious.


BauHaus has such happy little pop art cans, they have to be good, right?  Their website and videos are killer, and they have one of the coolest taprooms in Minneapolis.  I grabbed some Sky-Five recently and I am glad I did.  It’s a little maltier than I am used to but still totally crushable.  Nom.


Indeed Brewing is another Minnesota gem and is genius by having a first class artist (Hi ChuckU) on hand to design their beers.  There isn’t an ugly beer in the line up, so it was hard to choose one, but I went with the LSD, (Lavender, Sunflower and Date) brew.  I love the taste of lavender, and this was a little more herby than I anticipated.  It is definitely a taste it took getting used to, but if you are an adventurous drinker, you can get behind the flavors here.

Moral of the story?  Judging beer by the can design is a fun way to try new brews and look fancy too.