Oct 28, 2016


Is Pikachu haunting your dreams?  Do you have a Pokemon lover in your life?  Need a great costume in a pinch?  Check out this Ash Ketchum costume that I made in a day.  And if you know who Ash Ketchum is, this is definitely for you.


What you will need is:

a blue zip up hoodie

a tennis ball

green stretchy gloves

red trucker hat (I found this one at Spencers)

small stuffed Pikachu

yellow, red, white, and black fabric paint

4-5 very large safety pins



Paint the cuffs, pocket trim, and bottom trim of the hoodie yellow.  You will need to put on 2-4 coats of yellow, depending on how dark blue your hoodie is.  Let the coats dry before you apply a new coat.  Using a hairdryer can help speed the drying process.


Paint the triangle “C” logo on the hat with green paint.  I googled the logo and free hand painted it on the hat.


Cut the fingers off of the gloves.


The tennis ball is the most time consuming part.  I used a thin washi tape and placed it in the middle of the tennis ball.  I painted half red and half white and once both colors were dry, I pulled off the tape and filled it in with the black paint while adding a small white circle that I outlined in black.

Note: I used fabric paint on the tennis ball to ensure that it wouldn’t chip off easily as an 8 year old boy would be throwing Pokeballs all over the world this Halloween.  It has been holding up pretty well so far.


Once everything is dry, pair with a pair of jeans and some rad tennis shoes and you have the baddest Ash in town.