May 20, 2016


My oldest boy is 8, and when he was a tiny baby, the blankets they had for swaddling were about the size of a tissue.  And when I say “tiny baby” I mean the size of a toddler.  Imaging wrapping a toddler in a piece of 20×20 inch piece of fabric.  He kicked out of that burrito wrap in about 4 seconds and was squirreling around, refusing to nap.  Frustration.


Enter 2016.  Some genius had a great idea to make those swaddle blankets HUGE.  And soft.  And adorable.  And charge $40+ per blanket.  Genius!


But what if I told you, you could make your own super cute/trendy/huge/adorable/soft swaddle blanket for the $10-$18 per blanket?  You do NOT need to be a genius at the sewing machine to make these.  Plus, yours will be made with love.  (all of the heart emojis!!!!)


How is that for genius?!?


If you own a sewing machine, or have a super duper nice friend who has one and knows how to make 4 simple seams, you are in business.


Most of those high-end blankets are about 40×40 inches and have a simple seam on all 4 edges.  That is exactly what I did.  I bought 1 yard of double gauze at my local (the always awesome Crafty Planet) fabric store and measured out a perfect square of 40.5 inches from edge to edge.  Ironing the fabric at this point is a good idea in case there are any weird folds/creases in the fabric. This will help ensure that your square is square.


Then I folded over 1/4 of an inch edge and folded over 1/4 of an inch AGAIN so no raw edges of the fabric were showing and pinned the fold about every 4 inches, making sure that the edges stayed straight.  Then, I set my sewing machine to the largest zigzag stitch and sewed down all 4 edges nice and slow so everything looked as professional as possible.



Then, I tied off the loose threads and washed it.  Literally, the easiest sewing project ever.


I made a blanket and it was so satisfying to have a cute blanket made in an awesome print of my choosing.  That is what makes the interwebs and online shopping so wonderful, I found so many unique and bright fabrics on so many sites, I literally wanted to buy them all.  There is quite the selection for unisex fabrics, without making anything too girlie or too blue/truck/boyish, if that is the route you want to take.  Very modern and stylish.  Or there are very girlie or very boyish style fabrics too.


Cotton muslin or double gauze are 2 good fabrics to start with, both washable and soft.  Here are some links to start your hunt for cool and funky fabric:

Double gauze from

Organic double gauze from

Cotton muslin from

Or, if you’re in Minnesota, head to Crafty Planet and grab some local wares, that is where I found mine.


Now if I could only figure out how to make my own video baby monitor with corresponding smart phone app, THAT would make me a genius.  😉


I have also been busy sewing little fabric scrap stuffed animals which my kids LOVE and take a few hours to make.



Then, I have been working on this 45×45 quilt, which is easy to start and a royal pain in the ass to finish.  No matter how many YouTube videos I watch about how to attach the quilt binding, I still hate it with the passion of a thousand fires.  My favorite part is the unicorn from the Lizzy House line, obviously.  But the color scheme was fun to work with and I had never worked with triangle fabric pieces before, so for my 2nd ever quilt, it turned out “mediocre at best”, in my opinion.