May 20, 2015

I love a new cookie recipe.  Especially when I am out of chocolate chips, peanut butter and all of the normal cookie ingredients, I REALLY appreciate a cookie that has random ingredients that I actually have in my cupboards when I haven’t been to the store for weeks..  Like oatmeal and coconut.  Score!


I had pinned this recipe a while ago and yesterday I wanted to bake something to help warm up the house (It was a chilly May day) so I went to my treat board and got the oatmeal and coconut.


The recipe is adapted from Lil Luna’s recipe.  The change I made was instead of 2 cups of oatmeal, which seemed like a lot, down to 1 cup.  I am sure it’s awesome with 2 cups, but in addition to 2 cups of whole wheat flour, it seemed like it would have made the cookie dough rock solid.  With the 1 cup of oatmeal, the dough was perfect.  And my whole family loves the cookies, because, well, they are cookies and because they are delicious!!  I love the oatmeal-coconut combo.


And they are perfect dipped in black coffee.  Which I had for breakfast today.  And snack.  And probably lunch.


May 13, 2015



Flower crowns.  So much fun to wear.  But these aren’t your grandma’s flower crown, these are huge, badass, and GLAM flower crowns!!


What’s great about these crowns is that they are simple.  No glue required.  Just floral tape, floral wire and giant colorful fake flowers.  You can get as creative and wild as you like.  I start with the biggest, prettiest flower and build around it with more flowers, constantly monitoring the progress to fill in holes and making sure the overall look is what I like.  Reinforcing the stems with extra floral tape is always a good idea, to prevent any flowers from getting loose and falling out.


Floral tape is awesome because you don’t have to wait for it to dry and if you need to change your design, it’s totally removable and non-permanent.  When you first start taking the tape off of the roll, you will find that it is not sticky.  You need to give it a little stretch while you start adhering it to your design to get the stickiness activated.  Then just pull and push down to get it to stick to itself.  So easy!


You can pull one of these guys together in about an hour. And since there is no glue, you can just make and wear!  So make yourself a big, bold crown and show me what you come up with!


Check my Instagram and you can see a pic of my dog wearing one of my creations.  Dogs in flowers crowns are the new internet sensation!  (Not really, but they should be!)

May 06, 2015

I made my fourth appearance on Twin Cities Live yesterday sharing some really easy, really last minute Cinco de Mayo recipes.

I was pretty jazzed about this segment because I was there not just to sling tasty cocktails (don’t worry, I still shared a cocktail) but I showed some yummy food recipes.  I was glad to show that I’m not just the TV booze girl, I can do food and party ideas too.


I went all out for this segment.  In addition to bringing really delicious and quick recipes to celebrate Cinco, I crafted my ass off.  I found cute mini pinatas which weren’t in my color scheme, so I spray painted them gold and bronze to and a touch of glam to the table.  I used cactus instead of flowers, but instead of just throwing them in a pot and calling it done, I found cans of Mexican tomatoes, salsas and enchilada sauce and used those to bring more color in.  I also found a colorful papel picado banner that I hung in the background of the TCL kitchen.  Then, I made my own papel picado stir straws with a Martha Stewart paper punch and some colored paper.  They were they cutest!

IMG_3227 IMG_3181


As for the food and drink, I made Shrimp Avocado Ceviche, which is amazing on it’s own (I just fill a bowl and eat it with a spoon), or as a dip served with chips, or you can make it a main course and eat it as tacos.  SO GOOD.


I also made Beergaritas to wash down the ceviche.  I’m not a margarita person, but add some beer to cut the sweetness, and hot damn, I love it!


For dessert, how to Margarita Cupcakes with Tequila Lime Buttercream sound?  They are fantastic.  Along the same lines as the Beergaritas, adding the tequila to the cake mix and frosting cuts the sweetness and makes it easy to have more than one.  This is definitely for people who don’t like overly sweet treats.  It’s sweet, but not overpowerly sweet.


You want the recipes??  Here you go!



1 can (12 oz) frozen limeade

1 12 oz bottle of Mexican beer, I used Negra Modelo

12 oz water

6 oz tequila, I used Sauza silver tequila


lime wedges

Pour limeade, tequila, water, beer in larger pitcher.  Stir until the limeade has melted and is well mixed.  Add ice and pour into cups.  Garnish with lime wedges.

Shrimp Avocado Ceviche:

16 oz cooked shrimp, tails removed, diced

4-5 ripe tomatoes, diced

1/2 large red onion, diced

2 tsp minced cilantro

2 limes, juiced

1 tsp kosher salt

few dashes of pepper

2 avocados, diced

Combine tomatoes, onion, lime juice, salt, shrimp and cilantro in a large non-reactive bowl.  Refridgerate for at least 1 hour to let flavors combine.  Add avocado right before serving.  Serve with chips as a dip or in tortillas as tacos.



Margarita Cupcakes with Tequila Lime Buttercream Frosting:

to make cupcakes:

1 box white cake

4 egg whites

1/2 cup vegetable oil

1 cup lime juice

1/4 cup tequila

(replace lime juice and tequila with a good margarita mixer for non-alcoholic version)

Mix all ingredients until well combined.  Pour batter into cupcake papers 3/4 full.  Bake for 18 minutes at 350 degrees.

to make the frosting:

1 cup of butter, room temperature

3 cups powdered sugar

2 tbs lime juice

2 tbs tequila

fresh lime zest and sugar to sprinkle on top

(omit tequila and replace with lime juice for non-alcoholic version)

Beat butter with an electric mixer on high until creamy, about 2-3 minutes.  Add powdered sugar in 1 cup at a time, with mixer speed at medium.  Add lime juice and tequila and beat until smooth.  If frosting is too runny, add 1/2 cup of powdered sugar.  Frost cupcakes and sprinkle lime zest and sugar on top.

May 04, 2015

“Would you be interested in making a personal appearance at our event and creating a signature cocktail?”


6 months ago, I received that email.  What?  Do I do personal appearances?  Huh?  I’m just some dorky chick who makes videos.  Who is going to want to watch me make some tasty beverages?  “I think you have the wrong person,” I reply back, “I’ve got a couple of tattoos and am known to have a bit of a potty mouth.  Also, I’m not taking my shirt off.”

They didn’t want me to take off my shirt…yay!!    They were a legit event planning company, not affiliated with any scandalous events.  They had been putting on this event for the past 4 years so they knew what they were doing.  And Beth of E Creative Events & Experiences was a pleasure to work with.  But, yes, they really were interested in me appearing at their event, mixing cocktails complete with tatts and curse words.  So, I agreed.


I learned more about the event the closer we came to the party date.  I would be serving my signature drink from behind a massive ice carved bar to around 500 guests.  They wanted me to create a signature cocktail with a Minnesota-made liquor that would be served through a gigantic ice bar.  GIGANTIC ice bar.  Custom built.  Huge.  It would serve 10 people at a time.  Really?  Maybe it will work, maybe it won’t.  But it probably will because the ice company was legit and knew what they were doing.


I planned my drink, which ended up becoming the Minnesota Vodka Sidecar.  (Recipe at the end of this post!  Trust me, this thing is good!!)


When I showed up at Aria, they had the entire theater decked out.  Live bands were rehearsing, the kitchens were filled with people making a million different kinds of yummy smelling food, people were running around everywhere getting the venue ready for it’s 500 soon-to-be-there guests.  I squeezed about 50 pounds of fresh lemons before I got ready. I snuck a peek of the ice bar as it was being installed.  It had to have been 20 feet long and about 4 feet high in the middle.  It was the Minneapolis skyline sitting atop the Stone Arch Bridge with a huge emblem  above the IDS Center that said in big icy letters, ”Making it with Stephany”.  It was amazing.  I didn’t have time to take many pictures, I was too busy working my tail off.  I wish you could have been there–it was a fantastic sight to see.  White curtains highlighted with hot pink mood lighting.  Really rad.


Before I knew it, it was “cocktail time”.  I mixed, shook, poured and chatted with guests for about 90 minutes.  I claimed to have made the ice bar, until some one asked how, and the lie stopped there.  I then gave all credit to Ice Occasions, because they really outdid themselves.  The fun stopped after they drank up all of my cocktails and the ice bar ran dry.   Time to shut ‘er down.


It was a great time and I would definitely do it again.  So if you need a cheeky cocktail creator who keeps her clothes on, I’m your gal.


Minnesota Vodka Sidecar

1 oz L’etoile du Nord, Minnesota-made vodka

1 oz Cointreau

1 oz St. Germain

2 oz fresh squeezed lemon juice

1 oz simple syrup


Pour all contents in a shaker filled with ice, give a good shake, strain into lowball glass.  Drink up!