Sep 24, 2014


I made the top 5 in Jamie Oliver’s giant, massive international cocktail contest.  Blows my mind.


My new video is for a Peachy Pina Colada…a twist on my least favorite drink ever, the Pina Colada.  I replace Cream of Coconut with a delicious coconut/pineapple juice and let me tell you, that is the right decision EVERY TIME.  Cream of Coconut is gross.  Pure yummy juice is fantastic.


Watch the video!



Now on to the vote!

You can vote only once per valid email address, which makes it a quick and easy to vote!  And once you vote, you are entered to win an iPad Mini!  Whoo!  Here is the link to Jamie’s voting page. 

As you can see, I am the lone American up against Australia, Greece, Bolivia, and Thailand. YIKES!


So a vote for me is a vote for Uncle Sam.  Support the USA and vote for Stephany!  Then make a Peachy Pina Colada and relax…you worked hard, you deserve a break.

Sep 18, 2014

The past month was pretty exciting for me.  The whole Emmy nomination thing still blows my mind.  After going live only 5 short months ago, I have gotten fantastic feedback. It has been so positive and the 2 Emmy noms have really shown me that my little show is definitely on the right track!

The gala was last weekend at Target Field.  500 local and regional journalists and TV personalities (and a handful of online people, like me, also) were there for the big party.  I wore a fabulous full length gold sequin Badgley Mischka (for those who care!), it was the best dress of my life!!!  I met some great people and had a fun time stalking all of my local news anchors.  I met Choo Choo Bob and now my kids think I’m cool.  FINALLY!!

I didn’t end up winning my categories, but to quote every other loser, “it was a great honor to be nominated.” and that is the truth.  A lot of doors seem to be opening up with those 2 little nominations, and I ready to keep moving forward with Making it with Stephany.  Even though I am the most competitive person I know, I fine with not winning.  Cuz shit ain’t over yet!

photo 1 photo 2 photo 4


And with every closed door, you’re supposed to smash open a window.  That’s the saying, right?   After the Emmy noms came out, I randomly came across a contest being put on by Jamie Oliver.  (You know, the super intense English chef dude?)  It was a cocktail making contest, but it had to be on video. I am not a bartender, but I luckily already had the perfect video ready to go, which was perfect since the contest was closing that evening. So I submitted “Big Momma’s Kiddie Cocktail”. End of story, I thought.

Until about 3 weeks later I get an email saying I am a top 10 semi-finalist–craziness! I come to find out, I am the lone American up against legit bartenders from Australia, Greece, Chile, the UK, Slovenia, Panama and other countries. It was pretty intense.  After I was notified of the my “top 10” status, the semi finalists were all required to film a brand new 2nd video. Mine was completed early September and sent off to London. Jamie Oliver is to choose the top 5, after which the top 5 go to a public vote, which is rumored to be September 24th. So if I could get America to get behind me, then, I can make cocktail videos for the world to see!


I made a rally shirt.  For good luck, keep an eye on Jamie Oliver’s Drinks Tube YouTube channel.  That is where the announcement will happen…or just keep an eye on me and I will over-post the crap about it…  And if I make it to the top 5, vote for Stephany!  It would be un-American not to.  🙂