Jun 04, 2014


Making your own T-shirt is a piece of cake when you use fusible webbing and an iron!  No lie!!


No sewing is required, just an idea and a few easily accessible supplies.  Here is what you will need to make your own iron-on applique:


Lace or any other type of fabric you will be making your applique out of

Fusible Webbing, I used Pellon 805 Wonder-Under.  You can find this at any fabric store.  It’s sold by the yard or in pre-packaged smaller amounts.

Parchment Paper



Design/Stephany’s Skull Template


Print out the skull template from the blog (or use whatever design you want to turn into an iron-on).  Cut out your design into the lace fabric.

Note: If you are going to be using letters, you will have to write them out backwards on the webbing so they transfer onto the shirt legibly.

Iron the lace onto the webbing with a piece of parchment paper over the lace to prevent the webbing from melting on to the iron.

Cut out the lace design out of the webbing, then remove the paper backing.

Webbing side down, place your lace design onto your shirt, and  cover with parchment paper.  Iron the design onto the shirt for about 20-30 seconds, so all of the applique is melted on to the shirt.


And POOF! you are done!  The shirt and it’s design is washable and should last a long time, so you can rock a lace skull for-EVERRRRRRR!