Oct 06, 2017

Could I be any worse of a “blogger”?  Wait, don’t answer that.


I know, I know….. I have been terrible, but there is good reason!


I have done very little on this here platform of “making it”, it seems, but I promise you, I have been making my ass off.


Over the summer I have MC’ed a couple of festivals, photographed an amazing wedding, did a little traveling, ran a social media account for a fabulous friend, styled and art directed some shoots where the star of the show was beer, in addition to all of my other life duties (wiping kid butts and keeping their noses booger-free).


During that time of creative chaos, I really started to put a lot of different pieces together to form a cool concept of Making It With Stephany; Content Creation.


I really enjoy brainstorming ideas and taking them up a notch.

I excel at photography, art direction, production, product photography, writing, illustrating, styling and putting together a whole puzzle of unique and bold ways to visually tell a story.  I’m so confident in my abilities, I made business cards.  Whoa.


If you are a business or know of a business who you think would be a good match with me all of my my wackiness, let’s connect.  Think of the beautiful eye candy we can create together.

Want some examples?  Of course you do.


So there you have it.  A small sampling of some really cool projects I worked on.  And big love to Sara’s Tipsy Pies and Lift Bridge Brewery for being open to my ideas.

I am just a girl, standing in front of the internets, asking you to create with me.


*no cows were intoxicated in the making of the above photograph.





Apr 15, 2017

I love to sew, when I have time.  I love to shop for cool and modern fabric, when I have a project in mind.  But I really love to see the finished product ASAP.

I have just figured out that I am too impatient to be a really good quilter.


My quilts are good enough, but from a distance.  To quote Cher from the movie “Clueless” “She’s a full-on Monet. It’s like a painting, see? From far away, it’s okay. But up close, it’s a big old mess.”

Within the past couple of years, I have really gotten into making modern and bright quilts.  I don’t know why I didn’t start sooner, but then the impatient Stephany shows up and then I remember…it’s because I didn’t want to put in that much time and effort in unless the quilt was on track to be perfect.  HA.  What a dummy.  Now that I have a few quilts under my belt, I feel confident enough to tell you that I make imperfect quilts, and I don’t care.  Let’s just say I try really hard to do a good job, but, in the end, as long as I enjoyed spending that rare free time making something that I know will get plenty of use, I will do a “good enough” job to make the cuts as straight as possible and as square as I can.


If you are someone who is interested in attempting a quilt, I think you should do it!  Don’t hold off because you’re not good enough.  Do it because you want to learn, improve and come away with a quilt you made.


Who cares if it’s a little wonky?  Make weird quilts.  Weird is good.


Mar 09, 2017

I Am The Mom Of 3 Rambunctious Boys, And I’m Totally Cool With It (Now)

I wrote this.


It was easy.  What wasn’t easy was being brave enough to send it to Scary Mommy.


It was easy to imagine their editor reading and hitting the delete button.  What wasn’t easy was imagining them publishing it.


They did publish it and I’m still here.  It seemed to have garnered a decent amount of interaction, which for me is awesome and terrifying.  It’s a good feeling to see something you make shared with a gazillion people.  It’s a gross feeling when you look at some of the comments going off the rails about what the focus of the article was….having 3 (or more kids) is a circus, I happen to have boys, so I write about life with boys.  You may think there are stereotypes of “boy stuff” versus “girl stuff”, but unless you know me or my boys, you don’t really know, do you?


If you laughed and thought to yourself, “Damn, I would never want to be in her shoes,” or “I know exactly how she feels, I have 4 girls!”, then I am pleased.


If you felt offended by the thought of my being disappointed when I found out I was having a boy, when I really wanted a girl, whatevs.  This is my story.  I get to say and feel what I want in my story.


Write your own story, if you think yours is better.


My story isn’t for everyone.  My opinions aren’t for everyone.


But what is great about the internet is you can just keep on scrolling.  If you come across a story that you don’t agree with, no worries, keep searching for what works for you.  There is no need to be a dick in the comments.


Not everything in the world is going to speak to you, and if my story does, than I’m glad I was brave.

Jan 25, 2017

“I think there is beauty in everything. What ‘normal’ people would perceive as ugly, I can usually see something of beauty in it.” — Alexander McQueen


I am no fashionista.  My style is more “oddball” than couture.  I love diving into a clearance rack to see what the normal people have rejected.  Thrift stores are also goldmines for finding unique clothing.  I am inspired by pictures, colors and feelings.


I do have a few classic pieces, but what I am always drawn to is prints and bold color.  Leopard, polka dots, stripes are my go-to clothing staples.  After reading this blog post, you could say that I am a little obsessed with making monochromatic outfits with pattern.  (And as far as I am concerned, leopard is a neutral color.  It goes with EVERYTHING.)


I was going through my closet recently to get rid of the clothes I no longer wear and noticed I had a lot of buffalo plaid…”I wonder if I could make an entire outfit of buffalo plaid?”  Turns out, the answer was yes.


That made me want to put together a leopard outfit.


And stripes.


Polka dot?  Yup.

Hell, even the Bow Dress was part of the obsession.

Style is subjective.  There really are no rules.  Wear what you like.  Who cares what the trends are.

I have a lot of bold colors and pieces that may seem unwearable to a regular person, but to someone who gives zero fucks on what other people think of them, I can really get funky and express my personality through my clothing.  And let’s be real, as a mom who leaves the house with spit up down her sleeve 87% of the time, it is refreshing to dress like the oddball I am and feel fancy with my all leopard ensembles.


I have more monochromatic ideas that I haven’t gotten to style yet, but when I do, be sure I will Instagram them to their fullest potential.  Follow me at “makingitwithstephany” to see.



Dec 21, 2016

A quick crafty video with a special appearance by Santa!

Oct 28, 2016


Is Pikachu haunting your dreams?  Do you have a Pokemon lover in your life?  Need a great costume in a pinch?  Check out this Ash Ketchum costume that I made in a day.  And if you know who Ash Ketchum is, this is definitely for you.


What you will need is:

a blue zip up hoodie

a tennis ball

green stretchy gloves

red trucker hat (I found this one at Spencers)

small stuffed Pikachu

yellow, red, white, and black fabric paint

4-5 very large safety pins



Paint the cuffs, pocket trim, and bottom trim of the hoodie yellow.  You will need to put on 2-4 coats of yellow, depending on how dark blue your hoodie is.  Let the coats dry before you apply a new coat.  Using a hairdryer can help speed the drying process.


Paint the triangle “C” logo on the hat with green paint.  I googled the logo and free hand painted it on the hat.


Cut the fingers off of the gloves.


The tennis ball is the most time consuming part.  I used a thin washi tape and placed it in the middle of the tennis ball.  I painted half red and half white and once both colors were dry, I pulled off the tape and filled it in with the black paint while adding a small white circle that I outlined in black.

Note: I used fabric paint on the tennis ball to ensure that it wouldn’t chip off easily as an 8 year old boy would be throwing Pokeballs all over the world this Halloween.  It has been holding up pretty well so far.


Once everything is dry, pair with a pair of jeans and some rad tennis shoes and you have the baddest Ash in town.


May 20, 2016


My oldest boy is 8, and when he was a tiny baby, the blankets they had for swaddling were about the size of a tissue.  And when I say “tiny baby” I mean the size of a toddler.  Imaging wrapping a toddler in a piece of 20×20 inch piece of fabric.  He kicked out of that burrito wrap in about 4 seconds and was squirreling around, refusing to nap.  Frustration.


Enter 2016.  Some genius had a great idea to make those swaddle blankets HUGE.  And soft.  And adorable.  And charge $40+ per blanket.  Genius!


But what if I told you, you could make your own super cute/trendy/huge/adorable/soft swaddle blanket for the $10-$18 per blanket?  You do NOT need to be a genius at the sewing machine to make these.  Plus, yours will be made with love.  (all of the heart emojis!!!!)


How is that for genius?!?


If you own a sewing machine, or have a super duper nice friend who has one and knows how to make 4 simple seams, you are in business.


Most of those high-end blankets are about 40×40 inches and have a simple seam on all 4 edges.  That is exactly what I did.  I bought 1 yard of double gauze at my local (the always awesome Crafty Planet) fabric store and measured out a perfect square of 40.5 inches from edge to edge.  Ironing the fabric at this point is a good idea in case there are any weird folds/creases in the fabric. This will help ensure that your square is square.


Then I folded over 1/4 of an inch edge and folded over 1/4 of an inch AGAIN so no raw edges of the fabric were showing and pinned the fold about every 4 inches, making sure that the edges stayed straight.  Then, I set my sewing machine to the largest zigzag stitch and sewed down all 4 edges nice and slow so everything looked as professional as possible.



Then, I tied off the loose threads and washed it.  Literally, the easiest sewing project ever.


I made a blanket and it was so satisfying to have a cute blanket made in an awesome print of my choosing.  That is what makes the interwebs and online shopping so wonderful, I found so many unique and bright fabrics on so many sites, I literally wanted to buy them all.  There is quite the selection for unisex fabrics, without making anything too girlie or too blue/truck/boyish, if that is the route you want to take.  Very modern and stylish.  Or there are very girlie or very boyish style fabrics too.


Cotton muslin or double gauze are 2 good fabrics to start with, both washable and soft.  Here are some links to start your hunt for cool and funky fabric:

Double gauze from Fabric.com

Organic double gauze from HartsFabric.com

Cotton muslin from Fabric.com

Or, if you’re in Minnesota, head to Crafty Planet and grab some local wares, that is where I found mine.


Now if I could only figure out how to make my own video baby monitor with corresponding smart phone app, THAT would make me a genius.  😉


I have also been busy sewing little fabric scrap stuffed animals which my kids LOVE and take a few hours to make.



Then, I have been working on this 45×45 quilt, which is easy to start and a royal pain in the ass to finish.  No matter how many YouTube videos I watch about how to attach the quilt binding, I still hate it with the passion of a thousand fires.  My favorite part is the unicorn from the Lizzy House line, obviously.  But the color scheme was fun to work with and I had never worked with triangle fabric pieces before, so for my 2nd ever quilt, it turned out “mediocre at best”, in my opinion.



Mar 02, 2016


This morning I was on the Dave Ryan in the Morning Show as their Almost Co-Host of the Day.  Dave, Falen, & Steve were super duper nice and to make sure that we would be BFF’s, I brought along some Grapefruitcello, because you can never go wrong with morning vodka.  Amirite?!?



We talked about some weird jobs I’ve had, my run-in with the Backstreet Boys back in the day, and how you never read the internet comments about yourself because people can be jackasses sometimes.


I included the audio clip above, if you missed it or want to relive all of the humor, crazy stories, or the insults that make morning radio sparkle.


Screen Shot 2016-03-02 at 10.47.38 AMPhoto Cred: KDWB

Dec 31, 2015

Today is the last day of 2015.  This year, I am laying low with the boys and dogs and staying home.


But that doesn’t mean we aren’t going to get a little funky with tasty food and fabulous attire.


For the last-minute people out there (ME), I have two NYE ideas to share.  One is a delicious Seafood Salad recipe and the other is a simple, but oh, so sparkly, star headband.


My Seafood Salad recipe is fairly new, but really delicious.  I made it for Christmas Eve on a whim and it couldn’t have turned out more perfect.  It’s a yummy mix of crab, shrimp, and spices.  I only have one photo of it to share (It was Christmas Eve and I had family on their way over and I was cooking in pajamas, gimme a break!) but I want to stress how flippin’ fabulous this is on club crackers.  I honestly almost ate the whole bowl.



Super Seafood Salad

1 package small cooked salad shrimp, usually in frozen section, thawed

8oz (or more) of imitation crab, flake style, shredded

salt and pepper, to taste

3 tbsp of lemon juice

2 stalks of celery, finely chopped

1/4 green onion, finely chopped

1/2 tsp of fresh dill, finely chopped

mayo, about 1/2 cup, add a little more if too dry


Mix everything in a medium glass bowl and cover with plastic wrap.  Let it sit in the fridge for about an hour for flavors to mix.  Serve chilled with crackers.




Cardboard Star Headband

Thin piece of cardboard, I got mine from the packaging of new pajamas

star shape, I used a cookie cutter and traced it

ModPodge & paintbrush

different golds/oranges colors of glitter

hole punch

bakers twine


First, I traced 7 large stars on the thin cardboard and cut them out.  I made 4 smaller stars to add to the layout.



Then, I arranged them how I wanted the headband to look and glued them in place.  After they were dry, I glued the 4 smaller stars on to the crown.


After everything was dry, I punched out 2 holes at either end of the headband.


Then it was time to glitter.  This will be messy, so lay down some paper to catch the loose glitter and glue.  I painted a coat of glue on to the entire front of the headband.  While the glue was still wet, I got to business with the glitter application.  I used gold and copper on the large stars and orange on the smaller stars.  I had to do the glue/glitter process a few time to make sure all of the cardboard was covered.


After I was done sprinkling glitter and the glue was dry, I painted another coat of glue OVER the glitter to lock it down.  Since I am going to wear it on my head, I don’t want all of that sparkly stuff to end up in my hair, eyes and mouth.  This step seals the glitter in.  Let dry completely.




Tie 2 long pieces of bakers twine to the holes punched in at the ends of the headband and tie in a bow at the back of your head.


Sparkly star headband is complete!  Now get out there, eat some Seafood Salad, be sparkly, and be safe out there tonight, friends!!




Oct 28, 2015


I know I say this every Halloween post, but I LOVE HALLOWEEEEEEEEEEEEN!!!!!!!!


I was back in “lifestyle expert” mode yesterday and shared some really fun and creepy Halloween ideas on Twin Cities Live, just in time for you to add some of my suggestions to your big Halloween rager this weekend.  Or, use these recipes as your pre-Trick or Treating meal, to fuel your begging-for-candy-from-the-neighbors adventure.


On the menu was the aforementioned Rats on a Stick, 3D Skull Cakes with buttercream glaze, Alien Punch with gummy eyeballs, and for the drinking crowd, my Spook 75, a twist on the French 75 with gin and creme de violette.  YUM.  Try one or make them all.  (Fun fact: my youngest would not even try the Rats on a Stick.  He thought they were made of rats since they really looked like rats.  Mom win!)


I put a lot of time into developing the recipes and making sure they were delicious, but also easy to whip up.  No fancy skills needed, just a love for creepy Halloween food.  If you watch the video, I also spent many hours crafting up spooky, evil decor.  Mini pumpkins painted with black metallic paint.  A foam Medusa head complete with 20 rubber snakes as hair.  Copper painted bugs sprinkled everywhere.  I found awesome black and white striped pillar candles and paired that with matching napkins, and polka dot plates.  And don’t get me started on the 5 varieties of Halloween paper straws I snagged.  Most of the finds were inexpensive, from the Dollar Store, or the bargain bin areas at Target and Michaels.  I found the Wilton skull cake pan in-store at JoAnn, had a coupon so I got it for 50% off.  Booya!


Here are the recipes I shared:

Rats on a Stick
(makes 8 “rats”)

1 1/2 lbs of ground beef

3 tbs minced garlic

1 1/2 tsp salt

1 1/2 tsp pepper

1 tbs parsley

1 tbs basil

4 tbs grated parmesan reggiano cheese

3 slices of bread, torn into very small pieces

1 egg

12 inch skewers
BBQ sauce
spaghetti sauce
dried rosemary
sliced almonds

Combine all ingredients in large bowl well.  The best way to combine is with clean, dry hands.  Make sure everything is fully incorporated.  Once the ingredients are mixed, divide the meat into 8 equal balls.  Roll the balls into ovals and start to pinch out a head/neck.  Try to keep the “body” in a more oval shape.  Bring the “head” to a point for the nose.  Lay out the 8 “rats” in a 13×9 inch pan, making sure they don’t touch each other.  Bake at 350 degrees for 15 minutes.  After the 15 minutes are up, you can add BBQ sauce, spaghetti sauce with a brush.  Bake for another 15 minutes.  Remove from oven.  Add 12 inch skewer for the “tail”.  Use peppercorns for eyes & nose.  Use dried rosemary for whiskers.  Use sliced almonds for ears.  (Make sure that if you want to decorate the rats, do it before cooking.  Once they are cooked, they are not soft enough to add the eyes, nose and ears.)  Serve alone or with a side of spaghetti.

Skull Cakes

(makes 4 completed skull cakes)

Wilton 3D skull pan

any boxed cake batter (follow box directions)

non-stick spray

Buttercream Glaze

1 tbs butter, room temperature

1 tbs cream cheese, room temperature

1 tbs vanilla extract

3 tbs milk

1 cup powdered sugar

Bake skulls according to directions that came with the pan (about 30 minutes at 325 degrees).  Cool 10 minutes and remove from pan.  Cool completely.  Cut domes off of back of cakes and piece together using frosting.  Set aside.

Using an electric mixer, combine butter, cream cheese, vanilla and milk on low speed for 1 minute in a large bowl.  Add powdered sugar to bowl, starting the mixer on low then, moving up to high once the sugar has combined.  Glaze should be thin.  If it’s too thick, add a few drops of milk.  If it’s too thin, add a small amount of powdered sugar.  Add glaze to a zipper sandwich baggie, cut off 1 corner and use baggie as frosting bag.  Glaze skulls.

Spook 75

(makes 2 cocktails)

2 oz gin
1.5 oz creme de violette
2 tsp fresh lemon juice
champagne/sparkling wine
black sugar, for rim

Rim 2 glasses with black sugar.  Fill a cocktail shaker with ice.  Add gin, creme de violette, and lemon juice to shaker.  Shake and strain in 2 glasses.  Top off glasses with champagne/sparkling wine.

Alien Punch
Lime Sherbet
Grapefruit soda/similar to Squirt
Optional: gummy eyeballs
For single glasses, add a few scoops of lime sherbet to a glass and fill with soda.  For a large group, add 12-15 scoops of lime sherbet to a punch bowl and fill with soda.  Add gummy eyeballs to glasses or punch bowl to make your punch a little spookier!  I found these in the holiday baking section, they were marketed as a cupcake decoration.