Mar 09, 2017

I Am The Mom Of 3 Rambunctious Boys, And I’m Totally Cool With It (Now)

I wrote this.


It was easy.  What wasn’t easy was being brave enough to send it to Scary Mommy.


It was easy to imagine their editor reading and hitting the delete button.  What wasn’t easy was imagining them publishing it.


They did publish it and I’m still here.  It seemed to have garnered a decent amount of interaction, which for me is awesome and terrifying.  It’s a good feeling to see something you make shared with a gazillion people.  It’s a gross feeling when you look at some of the comments going off the rails about what the focus of the article was….having 3 (or more kids) is a circus, I happen to have boys, so I write about life with boys.  You may think there are stereotypes of “boy stuff” versus “girl stuff”, but unless you know me or my boys, you don’t really know, do you?


If you laughed and thought to yourself, “Damn, I would never want to be in her shoes,” or “I know exactly how she feels, I have 4 girls!”, then I am pleased.


If you felt offended by the thought of my being disappointed when I found out I was having a boy, when I really wanted a girl, whatevs.  This is my story.  I get to say and feel what I want in my story.


Write your own story, if you think yours is better.


My story isn’t for everyone.  My opinions aren’t for everyone.


But what is great about the internet is you can just keep on scrolling.  If you come across a story that you don’t agree with, no worries, keep searching for what works for you.  There is no need to be a dick in the comments.


Not everything in the world is going to speak to you, and if my story does, than I’m glad I was brave.

Nov 02, 2014

This may be old news for my Minnesota peeps, but last week I was a lucky duck and had a really fun write up in the Star Tribune.  It happened to be on the front page of the Variety section.  Hot Damn!


I kind of forgot to share because Halloween was in the air….and if you know me, Halloween IS MY JAM.  I was busy making costumes for my kiddos, shooting family photos in the fall leaves for my other job, and being a guest panelist for the Center for Girl’s Leadership “Women in the Arts” program.


So, without further ado…read about me, in case the blog, the Instagrams and the videos weren’t enough.


Aug 15, 2014

Last night, at midnight, the Upper Midwest Chapter of National of Television Arts & Sciences (longest name ever) (also: EMMY’S!!!) were announced and Making it with Stephany was SOSOSOSOSOSO lucky to have been nominated not once, but twice!



Can you believe that shit???  The little show that I write on my couch, run edit changes past my kids and husband, and shoot in my house is an Emmy nominated little show.  I am so happy and thankful that my friends watch my weird little show and sometimes are nice enough to humor me and be a guest once in a while.  I am up for Host and Lifestyle Program, with some pretty legit competition.


Watch out, Y’all…I’m coming at you hard!!!  (In a nice, motivated way, nothing pervy…sheesh.)

Aug 08, 2014


Meet Julie Swenson: one of Minneapolis’ hottest and skilled makeup artists.  She has her own makeup business, a line of lip gloss, teaches fledgling artists all over the US, and is finishing up a book.  WHEW!


She teaches me a quick, 10 minute makeup routine using makeup I already had. We laugh, we sing, we have a blast.  (Bonus points if you catch the 2 Live Crew reference.)

Check out her website Julie Swenson Beauty to book her for makeup lessons, weddings, or hair styling.



Jul 08, 2014

Everyone is on Instagram.  Documenting the mundane, food, travel, kids, dogs, all that jazz.  It’s addicting looking at all of the pretty images float across your phone’s screen.  Why shouldn’t your photos be just as bright and dreamy?!?  Here are a few tips and apps you need to start improving the pics you post on your Instagram feed today!



Use window light as much as possible!

Get creative with angles and camera positions!

Use your phones camera app!

Move whatever it is you are photographing into better light or arrange your subject so it looks it’s best!

Use a camera phone that has (atleast) an 8mp camera!

Use a photo editing app to make your photos POP!

Take your time to avoid shaky/blurry images!




Using flash!

Using Instagram’s dark and unflattering 70’s inspired filters!

Taking selfies in the bathroom (duh!)

Taking photos in shitty light!



You need an editing app to finish off your photos before you post them.  They are all very similar with their features, just choose the one that you like best!

Some photo editing apps you should be using to make your photos even better:

Pictapgo:  My personal favorite go-to app.  Easy to use, inspired by Photoshop actions, currently for iPhone only, $1.99

VSCO (Visual Supply Company):  Very popular app, good at saving a dark image from the trash, many cool features, Android and iPhone, Free

Photoshop Express: From the people that created Photoshop, lots of options to customize and crop, Android and iPhone, Free

Snapseed: Easy to use, similar to VSCO, Android and iPhone, Free


Follow me on Instagram!


Share your new photo skills with me!



Happy Instagraming!




Apr 24, 2014


Stop being a wuss.  Watch the video and see what a piece of ab-so-lute CAKE it is!  DO IT!


A BIG thanks to Billy at Anchor’s End Tattoo in Hudson, Wisconsin for helping me with the video.  He rules!